Jon Conver - Vocals - Led Blimpie - Zeppelin TributeJON CONVER
vocals, harmonica

Jon has traveled the world playing Tommy in THE WHO'S TOMMY and Drew in ROCK OF AGES. Television appearances include The Deuce and Law and Order SVU. A studio vocalist and engineer. he has lent his skills to the  projects; SYMPATHY JONES, JAMERICAN: The Jamerican Dream and HHC "Kentucky Nobility". Jon sings, plays guitar and works as an accompanist for several artists throughout NYC.


Thor Fields - Guitar  - Led Blimpie - Zeppelin TributeTHOR FIELDS
guitars, theremin, mandolin

Thor has been studying the Jimmy Page repertoire for over 20 years. His renditions are deadly accurate. Whether he’s playing one of the 7 or so guitar tunings, the mandolin or even the Theremin, Thor has somehow captured the genius of Page’s style and made it look easy.

Thor is founder of Concrete Haven, an artist community committed to transforming humanity by causing profound impact in peoples lives and communities. Empowering artists and non-artists to make a difference in peoples lives by creating meaningful art and sharing their humanity.


Joe Nerve - Bass  - Led Blimpie - Zeppelin Tribute


A pro in high demand, Joe has performed and toured  with Bumblefoot of Guns 'n Roses, Peter Baron (Leslie West Band) and many others. He also  dabbles in his own slap-happy solo endeavor: The Joe Nerve Project . A native New Yorker, Joe lays down the Bass  in a number of projects around the city.


Frank Picarazzi - Drums   - Led Blimpie - Zeppelin Tribute

drums, vocals

Our resident savant, Frank began his tenure in Led Blimpie on the keyboards and has since filled the roll of drummer! Depending on the gig, you may see him on either instrument, and he's even done gigs on both! A rock & roller at heart, Frank is also an accomplished percussionist, vibraphonist and arranger in the fields of classical, jazz, fusion and pop.
His compositions have been performed from Boston to New York to Italy.
Played Carnegie Hall? - Check!

keyboards, mandolin, vocals
(bass sub)

Nick works around New York City full time as a bassist and backup vocalist in various groups including singer/songwriters, top 40 cover bands, jazz trios, and his fusion project, The Westet.  He has performed professionally for the past 13 years in the U.S., U.K., Europe, and Asia.



The Blimpie "SUBS"


Kathryn is a New York City based singer, actress, musician, comedienne, and overall entertainer. She has performed all over the country in national tours, musicals, and specialty performances. She brings an unsurpassed high energy and skill to every show. Led Blimpie is PROUD to have "Kat" as our first "Golden Goddess"!!!











Bass Sub

...plays guitar and carries a sword.




Drums Sub

A musician since the age of 7, staring on trumpet. 
Played jazz at Carnegie Hall, rock at Woodstock 1999 plus a schmorgesborg of other big shows.
Tyler has has played on land and the sea on big and small stages.




Producer/Engineer, Freddie, is a bit of a legend in NYC.
His passion for music and comprehensive knowledge of recording, sound and guitar
were invaluable to the creation of our first album and to the sound of Led Blimpie!
Freddie has produced records and played lead guitar for Patti Rothberg and Fabienne Shine of Shakin Street (to name a few).

Our records were recorded at Sierra Sound, New York City.
produced by Thor Fields And Freddie Katz
engineered and mixed by Freddie Katz .